A typical party package will include 1-2 hours of unique, action-packed entertainment customized for you. Our prices start at $200 and vary depending on the options you select. You can choose from an existing theme or we can create a custom one just for you! The possibilities are endless! 

A few of the services we offer are Choreographed Dance Routines, Themed Craft Activities, Stilt-Walking, Face Painting, & Costume Boxes for Dress-Up & Imaginative Play.


Yo ho ho! Prepare to walk the plank after sailing the high seas with Cap'n Sparrow and Sparkle the Mermaid. Tharrr will be a treasure hunt and games galore. Ye should also prepare for lots of dancing, walking the plank, and crafting your own pirate hat or mermaid crown as well as lots of bad pirate puns! Ships ahoy, matey! 

Create your own Superhero identity and then decorate a mask and emblem for your character. Go through an obstacle course to build strength & agility. Learn a supermoves dance routine to intimidate even the fiercest bad guy. The grand finale is performing the routine in costume while mesmerized moms capture it all on photo & film. 

We loooove Rock 'N' Roll! This IS the live music capital of the world, after all! Let's design our own guitars, get face-melting makeovers, and choreograph a rockin' routine! Then, a full-on costumed rock star performance complete with air guitar that's sure to wow parent audiences. \m/

Gather all your forest friends and come together in a fantastical wonderland. Decorate a nature necklace created with earth-friendly materials. Create a habitat for all your fairy & gnome friends with natural & re-purposed materials. Dress up in tutus & flower crowns or gnome hats & beards and dance your heart out in a mystical fairy ring.

Furry, happy monsters holding hands! Create your own monster character and decorate a mask and puppet. You can even have a puppet show with your friends. Learn a warm & fuzzy "monster moves" dance routine. 

Everything is awesome! Challenge Lord Business in Lego relay games and save the Kragle by learning an AWESOME dance routine. Decorate your own Lego character mask and get dressed up as your favorite character for a photo shoot with all your friends. 

Rodeo, Circus, Derby, Outer Space, Alice in Wonderland, Black Tie Gala, Dia de Los Muertos, Summer Camp, Tea Parties, Woodstock Hippies, 70's Disco, Flashback to the 80's, and sooo many more! The possibilities really are endless!


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